Debut novel by author Helen Lewis - out now



A story of love, loss and betrayal - where no-one can be trusted to tell the full story, and nothing is as it seems. One son dead and the other grieving, Evie is banished to Wales, her world falling apart. She survives in part due to the presense of the mysterious Alys and her son Nye, who reminds Evie of her own lost boy

...Last time I saw the house it was someone else’s home, a bad taste place oozing sage green and old nicotine. Now it’s doubled, trebled in size, even filled with all the boxes. Someone tell me, point me at a place to begin. Inside or out? The gardens have us surrounded, green closing in on all sides. Branches shooting their claws out, reaching to tickle and tap on windows, primroses explode from flagstones in the front, and there’s an overgrown tangle of greenhouses, orchards, vegetable patches and herb gardens creeping and climbing out back....

 From The House With Old Furniture

It's hard to believe it is a debut novel...this book is entrancing

Bob Reeves


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