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5..4..3..2..1..We have lift off

Typesetters proofs have been checked – every last word, comma and full-stop – it's done, it's gone! Having spent the last five years (slow writer-slow reader) with this baby (The House With Old Furniture) I have to confess I feel a bit lonely, a bit lost. It's a bit like the kid's first day at school; things are a little quiet here in the middle of nowhere. I am working on something new, well I say working, I seem to be able to find a thousand, tiny, insignificant chores that don't actually need doing but suddenly seem

vitally important. The thing is, it's all, just so exciting, I mean, my novel, these pages of words that I've written, crossed out, swapped, checked, corrected, proofread, re-read, re-re-read and now know off by heart is about to take flight and land on book shop shelves. Real book shops, with real readers. Not terrifying at all, not.

So on the 20th July I will be there, in Waterstones, Camarthen with a few glasses of white wine (warm of course) hoping that some of you might join me to welcome The House With Old Furniture into the world. (6-8pm). I'll be the one with jelly legs, pretending not to have stage fright.

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