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Happy New year!

(Good riddance 2020).

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…Tah Dah! I’m back, unlocked and re-released in to lock down, sorry my mistake, Tier 4.

So, how have you been? Still making bread, clapping, zooming, working from home, working anywhere…?

I thought, you know with all this time we sort of have on our hands, I might dust off the Lockdown Diaries, start a new chapter, In tiers – take a leaf out of my Aunt’s book and be thrilled that I’m now ‘top-tier’.

Did you party on New year’s eve, bang saucepans on the front doorstep at midnight shouting “Good riddance to bad rubbish 2020!” Have fireworks? Pop Champagne corks? No, me neither. Although, we’ve been Christmas baubling for a fortnight now, which is as close to partying as you can currently get. Let me introduce our new support (always makes me think of a gym infused lyrca) bauble: D Hubster, still very much in charge (he likes to think), Twenteen2 home roost (it’s all good, nothing to see here), Small1 (you won’t recognise him he’s used lock down to grow 8ft tall, rude) Small2 (still wild, still smallish, still never still), Me and our newest recruit, Nanny (she was once my mum but the Smalls have hijacked her).

PL Travers based Mary Poppins on Nanny, because she is practically perfect in every way, just ask Small2 who asked me not to wake her up in the morning, or put her to bed because Nanny does it better. It’s great that I don’t have to get Small1’s breakfast, obviously Nanny does toast the right way. And thank goodness we finally have someone who can make bread sauce properly, phew (only weirdo’s and D. Hubster like the stuff, I could make it if I wanted to, but that’s what packets are for, derrrr).

So you lucky lot, I have lots of extra, spare time, it would be a shame to waste it reading or crocheting or making bread, much better to spend it with you, wittering away about not very much. What? You’re too busy? You’re off to watch Mary Poppins?

Well Super-flipping-califragilistic-sod-you-alidocious!

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