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Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed the radio silence!

Every time I’ve sat down to write something life jumps up, pulls out the pin and lobs in a problem grenade.

Excuses, excuses, Lewis, I hear you say, everyone’s got a life running as a background track.

The thing is, the longer I’ve left writing here, the harder it has been to write here.

This is the blog I planned to write on January 1st as a ‘Happy New year!’ piece, full of resolutions and goals. I amended it slightly for February, sprinkling hearts everywhere, thinking no one’s going to notice I missed a month, surely? Then by the time I’d spell-checked the piece, cough and sneezed my way over the final read through it was nearly March! The hearts look jaded and I’ve broken all my resolutions.

And then there was the small matter of a half marathon to train for until a bout of disgusting lung sludge and several storms blasted the race clean out of February and into March.

Well those are my excuses, and I’m almost stuck to them.

Now I’m re-writing this in hand-sanitiser on loo-roll and the world seems a scary place to be right now. I’ve hunted high and low to find hand masks to write in, even so, make sure you run your anti-virus software for at least 3 verses of Bohemian Rhapsody then trash it immediately post read.

Due to procrastination, this blog reaches you in the season of Lent. What have you given up? Chocolate? Wine? Me, I’ve given up PB’s at Parkrun and, it seems, cracking on with my second book which has reached a semi colon and stalled. My trainers have given up running fast and my plot twists are tangled. I think my best bet would be to give up writing this month’s blog for another four weeks and donate to Sports Relief.

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