"I loved the depth of characterisation in this novel. Andrew moves in and out of the story, both past and present, and he does very dubious things but he’s much more complex than merely being a baddie. He too is traumatised. He’s struggling – we increasingly realise – with an Evie who sometimes drinks herself into chaos, as well as with his own grief, but we glimpse enough to feel the chemistry between him and Evie, the hope with which they set out on their lives together, defying their backgrounds, and ultimately the dread that those two backgrounds are waiting to trap them both in the end."

Hillary Shepherd, author of Albi.





"Helen Lewis has a real talent for descriptive language and it was easy to imagine myself in Pengarrow. Like Evie I loved its charm and was a little afraid of what lay within its heart. A truly brilliant piece of writing and up there with my highly recommended reads."

J B Johnston, book blogger.

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"This book hooked me from the start: ” I don’t want to leave. I’m being ripped from the rock I cling to…” Right away i was in the protagonist’s heart and mind. The story of Evie Wolfe, her grief, her bewilderment, her sense of loss is threaded through the whole of The House With Old Furniture. Helen Lewis has a talent for writing phrases that evoke instant images, moods and sensations.This is rich, flowing prose."

Judith Barrow, author

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"Ten year-old Finn will break your heart; Evie will take the pieces and crush them. The ending is a stunner. It’s brutal and even though it left a space I didn’t know how to fill, and at first I thought I didn’t like that, after a few days I realised what makes this book special is the author’s absolute and unequivocal honesty. Which meant I could decide that after all, I loved it."

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